About The Detroit Mulim Mission

Community Services CDC DBA The Detroit Muslim Mission was established as a 501(c)3 organization in 1989 to help eliminate the declining effects of urban decay in the surrounding Central Detroit neighborhood and to address the housing needs and living environment of the low and moderate income residents in the area.

The target area has two mosques within its boundaries: Masjid Wali Muhammad & The Muslim Center. This area is punctuated by many abandoned homes and apartment buildings, as well as vacant lots. In the last 10 years, the area has lost approximately 400 homes to abandonment and decay. On a monthly basis, more homes are being abandoned. Therefore, each block contains, on an average, 2 to 4 recently abandoned homes.  To arrest this on-going decay and decline of the housing stock, and to improve and stabilize the neighborhood, it is the intent of The Detroit Muslim Mission to implement project activities in phases. Comprehensive activities will include the completion of a land use study ; i.e. an affordable housing program, and substantial rehabilitation, in-fill new construction, homeowner/tenant education, and economic development activities on Woodrow Wilson Street and Davison Ave, utilizing various sources of funding.    

It is critical that we secure financial support, to cover project as well as staffing, to gain control of other blighted units. Upon acquisition of these units, the units will be boarded and made secure, and funds will be sought from a number of funding sources, such as City of Detroit HOME, MSHDA HOME, the Michigan Interfaith Housing Trust Fund, local banks, Corporations,  private foundations, and grass roots/community support.